Crash test

In this video you can see every thing about crash test…

Crash test is the destructive type of test of a vehicle which is conducted to check the destructive abilities of a vehicle and then rate the vehicle according to that…

There are dummies sitting inside the cars at the time of accidents.. These dummies mimic the real-time situation of a human sitting inside a vehicle. These dummies have different sensors on different parts of the body to sense/detect the amount of forces coming in different parts of dummy…

There 5 types of crash test that a vehicle need to pass…

1. Frontal impact test

   In this imapct test the car is collided with the crushable aluminum box (that simulates as another car coming from front) at a speed of 64kmph and then the different forces on the dummy is calculated… And hence the rating to that vehicle is provided

2. Side impact test

In this the aluminum crushable box hits the car from side ways at a speed of 50kmph

3. Pedestrain test

This is done to check the amount of forces that may come on the pedestrian ID a car hits the pedestrian at 40kmph…

The forces analysed in different parts as head, knee,elbow, leg, thigh &head of a child. And the forces must be minimum as most of the forces should be absorbed by the body of the vehicle….

4. Pole test

Car is simulated to hit the pole from side ways At a speed of 30kmph… And then it is determined that how much forces are coming in that side of the dummy…

5.Whiplash test

In this test the forces are analysed on the dummy by simulating the crash from the rear if a car from the rear hits a stationary car at a speed of 35kmph.. There will be huge amount of focres going to act on the neck and head of the  dummy.. And these forces are analysed in this test.

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